We specialize in dark rides, interactive attractions and audio-visual experiences. Read here about the different solutions we offer within these categories. All of our experiences are custom made to fit to your wishes.

Dark Rides

Interactive Dark Rides

Did you know we can provide a turn-key solution for a complete interactive dark ride? We deliver the entire package, from scratch to a complete ride!


Imagine getting into a vehicle on a platform. Rotating like a revolver. And after every turn, you get to play amazing 3D or 2D games. That’s our GameChanger: the ultimate rotating gaming platform.


The GameChanger-XS is a turnkey attraction concept developed specifically for Family Entertainment Centers (FECs), museums and other leisure facilities...


Interactive thrill ride on a small footprint

Gameplay Theater

‘One ride – two rounds of gameplay’


We create any type of custom walkthrough

Interactive Attractions

Outdoor Rides

An outdoor ride can easily give your visitors a great new experience. Did you ever think of making your outdoor ride an interactive one?

Upgrade your ride

Refurbishing an existing ride will turn your classic ride into a modern day hit! It ensures a great new experience for your guests!


A standalone, unique and surprising gaming concept. Players have the lead role in amazing 3D or 2D games at the highest amusement park level. Isn’t that something you want your visitors to experience?

Interactive Solutions

Interactivity enhances a visitor experience for sure! No matter what kind of leisure business you run, it’s the guest experience that does the magic.

Game Development

Integrating gaming into a ride or attraction is one of our specialties. Our Game Producers and Art Directors design story lines for every desired theme. The only limit is your imagination.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Endless possibilities, awesome experiences. That’s what Virtual and Augmented Reality can offer your guests. Playing and interacting in a world that isn’t real. Or is it?

Augmented Reality

We believe in the power of Augmented Reality in the leisure and entertainment sector. We therefore constantly work on the development and application of different AR systems and technologies for theme parks, Family Entertainment Centres (FECs), museums and zoos.

Interactive Attractions

Lagotronics Projects specialises in developing and installing interactive attractions. Over the years, we have developed various interactive systems for realising interactive dark rides, interactive outdoor rides and other interactive experiences.

Interactive Experiences

The interactive and audio-visual experiences are not only suitable for FECs, museums and zoos, they are also perfect for trade fairs, reception areas or as standalone exhibits.

Battle Arena

The Biggest Battle on Every Level! A new interactive ride concept that can be installed indoors or outdoors at theme parks, amusement parks and FECs. Full of unexpected movements and challenges.

Audiovisual Experiences

Custom Experiences

Surprised guests. Stunning experiences. Everything is possible. For every business. Let us surprise you with endless possibilities!


Top-of-the-line technology. Extensive experience. World’s best brands. For both small and major projects. We always provide the best audiovisual solution!


Architectural or decorative. Always impressive and appealing. Energy –efficient and low-maintenance. We make sure you’ll have a stunning lighting show!

Show Control

Combining lighting, audio, video, motion, and special effects in one show. From small-scale experiences to large (or even huge) environments. Just push one button.

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