Interactive solutions

Interactivity enhances a visitor experience for sure! No matter what kind of leisure business you run, it’s the guest experience that does the magic.

Every place or area can be turned into a great interactive experience! For example: museums, amusement centers, shopping centers, retail areas, meeting rooms, experience centers, theaters, zoos, hospitality establishments, theme parks, etcetera…

Because interactivity gets your visitors involved with what happens next, they will get the feeling they're playing the lead role! They make it happen.

Our interactive sytems offer endless possibilities. Your guest can trigger effects by using a device. This device can be anything: a touchscreen, button, magic wand, camera, hand gesture, scanner, voice recognition, and etcetera. Every device can be cutom-made for you. Just tell us your wishes!

Did you know it’s even possible to let guests use their own smartphones to trigger something? Using your own device is the new trend in the leisure industry!

Below you see some examples of various devices:

Banner Customized Interactive Experiences V18
Banner Customized Interactive Experiences Mobile Device V3
Banner Customized Interactive Experiences V20
Cannon Control
Hand Symbol Control
Handheld Control
Swipe Control
Banner Customized Interactive Experiences V19
Banner Customized Interactive Experiences V22
Banner Customized Interactive Experiences V25
Banner Customized Interactive Experiences V5
Banner Customized Interactive Experiences V4

The possibilities of effects are also endless. Playing games, education, lighting shows, sound, moving animatronics, wind, vibrations… You name it. We offer a huge range of interactive products!

Let's talk about your new project!

Just tell us your ideas and use your imagination! Our creative drive, out-of-the-box thinking and extensive experience guarantee stunning experiences for every business!

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Top-of-the-line technology. Extensive experience. World’s best brands. For both small and major projects. We always provide the best audiovisual solution!


Architectural or decorative. Always impressive and appealing. Energy –efficient and low-maintenance. We make sure you’ll have a stunning lighting show!

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Mark Beumers

T. +31 77 320 43 84

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