Kunibert’s AbenteuerKlotten, Germany

Only the bravest adventurers dare enter the castle of knight Kunibert and his ancestors. Kunibert’s Abenteuer is an exciting dark ride where visitors discover something new every time.

Kunibert's Abenteuer

The interactive Dark Ride, Kunibert’s Abenteuer, is completely designed in a ghostly castle theme. The story is based on knight Kunibert, a well-known German legend, who has been sent on a mission by his elderly mother to prove that he is a courageous knight, just like his ancestors. He may only return when he has completed his mission, full of dangerous assignments. Meanwhile in the castle, all 64 ghosts (ancestors, family members and friends from the past) have come together to organise a huge ball to honour his return.

Light up the castle with interactive matchsticks

During the ride, visitors will discover the ghost life in the castle by lighting candles using a special interactive matchstick, in nine different scenes. The candles are lit by hitting targets (160 targets have been installed). The passengers in the vehicles must work as a team to light all the candles and collect as many points as possible. In return for lighting all the candles, they are rewarded with stunning black light scenes, featuring ghosts, beautiful scenery and other special effects. The more candles that are lit, the more the scene will reveal and visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenes. But beware: each candle flickers for only a few seconds … The final scene is mesmerising, with all ghosts dancing and celebrating at the huge ball to honour knight Kunibert’s return!

When leaving the ballroom, through a castle window to the right, visitors will see knight Kunibert riding his horse across the castle’s drawbridge to attend the huge ball. An Epson laser projector on a transparent projection screen is used for the projections. The laser projector was chosen because of the low heat generation and low maintenance.

Entire Dark Ride designed by Lagotronics Projects

Lagotronics Projects designed and delivered the entire ride; from concept design and storyline to production, theming and installation.

Voice actors were hired to record the storyline for this ride. The storyline is played through speakers installed in the vehicles. This isn’t the only noise incorporated into the vehicles; the sound effects of the interactive devices are emitted from the vehicles’ speakers. In addition, speakers are installed along the entire track (supplied by ART Engineering) for the background music, to complete the experience.

The audio is triggered by the positions of vehicles on the track. This ensures that the audio fragments start to play at the right time. The story is told at the start and end of the scene, to immerse visitors in Kunibert’s adventure.

Two monitors have been installed at the entrance to the dark ride: one to view the previous scores and one on which part of the storyline is shared, to arouse visitors’ curiosity about what lies ahead! Another screen has been hung just before the station, which displays the rules of play and safety measures.

At the start of the ride there is a short pre-show scene, where visitors can bring four paintings to life using their interactive devices. The people in these paintings transform into ghosts. This is the start of an adventurous ride!

In the vehicle, each player has his own score display, allowing each individual to see how many points are scored during the ride. Are higher scores possible, or is an individual on track to beat the high score? When the exciting tour ends, everyone can view their personal scores on the live score monitor. Are they happy with the result or do they want to tackle the exciting adventure again and improve their score?

All of the foregoing is controlled by our show control, a 19’’ rack that is equipped with all the technology needed to make the adventure run smoothly.

Yet another exciting, but also amusing Dark Ride experience for all ages!

Klotten 3
Klotten 2
Klotten 1

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