Museumplein LimburgKerkrade, The Netherlands

A breathtakingly innovative look at the world

That's what visitors to Museumplein (Museum Square) Limburg can expect, and we are very proud of our significant contribution.

The Museumplein Limburg has three venues: the Columbus Earth Theater, the Cube Design Museum, and the Continium Discovery Center. Each area tells a part of the oldest story we know: the relationship between humans and the world they live in.

Lagotronics Projects created several extraordinary audiovisual experiences. We designed and realized entire installations in the Columbus Earth Theater, the National Geographic Theater, and the Time Warp Theater, as well as the one-of-a-kind double-sided video wall located at the entrance.

Columbus Earth Theater pre-show

This fantastic multi-screen video pre-show with laser projectors and LED screens supported by a high-quality audio system warms up visitors for a new, eye-opening glimpse of the earth. The color and brightness of LED lighting adorning the walls can be controlled using a touch panel to create stunning special effects.

Columbus Earth Theater

This space boasts a fantastic 360 degree projection, combined with a floor projection for a unique look at our world. Visitors can literally look down on the earth from two separate rings placed at high altitude. The floor projection spans 18 meters in diameter, while two high-end Barco 4k projectors with 35,000 lumens maintain its optimal resolution. The wall projection stands at 6 meters high. Seven Barco projectors with 14,000 lumens form the 360 degree projection. Multi-display software by Watch-out, which allows 'edge blending' and 'warping', is used to distribute video.

A 24-inch touch-screen located in the first ring can be used to operate Google Earth and other presentations. Two interactive shooters are mounted to focus (click) on special content and bring up additional information. High-quality seven-channel audio processing further enhances the experience in this area. Both rings are equipped with LED lighting to create a floodlight effect on the floor, while presenters standing in the pit can be illuminated by three white wash moving heads and equipped with a microphone and monitor speaker, both wireless. A Crestron automation system, the central control for all components, can be operated from two touch screens.

National Geographic Theater

This magnificent theater can produce high-performance 2D and passive 3D projections on a slightly curved screen measuring 8.4 x 3.5 meters. This is achieved using quality Barco digital cinema projectors with high brightness and 4K resolution. A 5.1 Dolby surround sound system is installed for real theater sound, with four wireless handheld microphone sets available for panel discussions and voice amplification. The theater and stage are beautifully illuminated by various LED spotlights. This is all controlled by an automation system via two available touch-screens.

Time Warp Theater

The Time Warp Theater takes you flying through time, from the Big Bang to visions of the future. In this 360 degree projection, amazing discoveries and inventions that shape our world take flight. Visitors 'warp' back to the present, ready for their journey through Continium.

The Time Warp ride's existing audiovisual equipment has been upgraded. The 360 degree wall projection spans a diameter of no less than 13.6 meters. This theater also boasts nine new laser projectors mounted on a truss, which project onto the side walls at a height of 3.5 meters. Multi-display software by Watch-out, which features 'edge blending' and 'warping' functionalities, is used to distribute video. A seven-channel audio system is also installed, and visual presentations can be given on a portion of the 360 degree projection. The equipment and link with the ride's vehicles is managed using a show control system.

Large touch-wall at entrance

We wanted to create something special for Museumplein Limburg's entrance. Therefore, we installed a very large touch-wall measuring 1.5 x 5 meters with a resolution of 7680 x 2160 pixels. Ten people can simultaneously use the wall, which is also equipped with an audio system. On the other side, a video wall with the same high resolution can be used to give presentations or play informational videos. Seating is available for visitors in a gallery/staircase located in front of the video wall.


Lagotronics Projects also delivered several other, separate projects. We equipped three meeting rooms with large LED screens featuring both analog and digital inputs. Information screens measuring 46 inches hang above the entrances of the Columbus Earth Theater and the Cube, as well as at the reception. On the upper floor of the Cube Design Museum we placed an existing LED wall and a projector with a screen that can be operated electronically. A high-quality audio system provides sound for presentations and voice amplification through a wireless microphone, while an automation system is used for control via a touch monitor.

All in all, we are extremely proud of this project and its outstanding results. The right combination of high-quality audiovisual equipment, interactive systems, and LED lighting make this project an exceptional feat that is particularly special to us – and all here in our home province of Limburg!

V 0127 Kenneth Tan Fotografie Museumplein Opening 23 10 2015 093
V 0128 Kenneth Tan Fotografie Museumplein Opening 23 10 2015 092
V 0129 Kenneth Tan Fotografie Museumplein Opening 23 10 2015 091
V 0130 I Wallentreebereik
V 0131 Opening 9 En 11 Juni 2009 192
V 0132 Kenneth Tan Fotografie V2 Screen
V 0133 Columbus2 Slearth Cropped

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