New show equipment for Experience Center CorpusOegstgeest, the Netherlands

CORPUS lets you experience a spectacular ‘journey through the human body’ in 55 minutes. Whilst having fun in the interactive element of the attraction – ‘my CORPUS’, visitors can test their own health and knowledge. For many years, Lagotronics Projects has been closely involved in the organisation of the educational visitors’ centre.

The Dutch company, Reco Productions, in the person of Mr Henri Remmers, is the creator and owner of the CORPUS concept. Mr Remmers is the founder of CORPUS Netherlands and president of CORPUS World Wide.

On behalf of CORPUS Netherlands (Oegstgeest), we implemented the entire technical installation of the visitors’ centre. From decorative lighting, audio and video to the show control and programming in its entirety.

Show control

The entire show control system has been updated, using state-of-the-art technologies and solutions. The fully customised show control technology controls the video players, audio systems, projectors, video screens and decorative lighting. The system consists of a main control system (19” main rack) that communicates with several sub-systems on each of the seven storeys (control cabinets).

Video projections

Throughout the journey through the human body, six different projections have been installed to support the experience and the educational story that is told. Laser projectors are used for the projections as they have a longer service life and superior light output. These projectors also require minimal maintenance.

Two large 3D projections are used in the heart and uterus to elucidate more clearly the story about how these organs function. Projections are also used in the nose, brain and eye and are also in place to draw attention to the different types of body cells.

Audio guidance system

Throughout the experience, a digital audio guidance system provides visitors with appropriate sound fragments. This wireless system, with portable receiver and headphones, is triggered automatically by zone sensors for each individual visitor. Visitors are able to get the most out of the whole experience and receive the correct audio in each zone.

Corpus 3
Corpus 2
Corpus 1

Decorative lighting

We also explored how to optimise a visitor’s visual experience. We achieved this by modernising the decorative lighting and by updating this element with the latest features. We used RGB LED lighting and RGBA spotlights (DTS). One advantage of this is that the colours can be mixed, allowing the best experience to be created. These power sources are also significantly more energy-efficient and more sustainable when compared to the halogen bulbs previously used.

The scenery used in CORPUS is partially translucent. Impressive lighting effects are achieved by positioning light fixtures both at the front and the rear of scenery, giving a totally new dimension. The decorative lighting is now an interplay of lighting at the front of the scenery and lighting at the rear of the scenery. More than 350 spotlights, almost 150 metres of LED strips and various special effects were used to achieve the new lightshow.

To improve the display of specific areas in the heart, lungs and brain, various lighting effects have been added. In these organs, LED strips (for example) are used to improve illumination of the bloodstream and electrical signals. This illustrates beautifully the functioning of the organs.

Through the various modifications that we made both this and last year, Corpus is now future-proof and visitors can enjoy a terrific show experience!

“Over the years I have found Lagotronics Projects to be a flexible, reliable and service-oriented organisation. Lagotronics Projects always joins in with our thought process thereby producing creative solutions ".
Maurice van Leeuwen - Facility Manager CORPUS "journey through the human body "
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