Route of lights VenloVenlo, The Netherlands

During the winter season, you can experience the magical route of lights in the city centre of Venlo. Enter the world of Flujas and Guntrud and discover their story about how they founded Venlo.
Raise the magic staff and bring the story to life by enchanting the special medieval shields in the city.

Winter in Venlo

Like many other cities, Venlo is also transitioning from ‘the place to buy’ to ‘the place to be’. To pick up on this, Venlo Partners has launched a campaign themed ‘Winter in Venlo’, using the magical technology of Lagotronics Projects.
The route is a fun action-based activity for families: visitors spend time in the city centre, walk past shops, restaurants and cafes, and discover the qualities of the historic centre.
The historical sites are alternated with shop windows, making business owners and their shops part of the experience.

Storytelling: Venlo’s story

The route of lights tells the story of Flujas and Guntrud who, according to the myth, founded Venlo.
To make the story easy to understand and fun, it has been written by a children’s book author.
Every location along the route, which can be identified by the shields, brings visitors a step closer to the end of the story.
Using a map, visitors can decide which route they take, which will take them past all interactive locations.

Using a magic staff (magic wand), which children can craft themselves, in a fun way they activate cool effects, such as sound fragments and lighting effects in the shop windows and at locations throughout the city centre.
Hard-core adventurers can also search for a number of bonus shields, which are not along the route but can be found in the city centre.

Interactive Route

Fifteen interactive locations have been created throughout the city centre. Lagotronics Projects has developed special target sensors for these locations, which can be placed in shop windows or in the open air at historic sites or objects in the city.

Visitors can activate these targets using their magic staffs. This activates a signal, to which a wide variety of special effects are connected. For example, lighting, sound effects, moving scenery or even TV screens and video projections.

Experience in the city

Online shopping has created a more practical way to shop. But with a creative, innovative mindset, it is possible to attract more visitors to the city centres. Creating an experience is an extremely important trend in our society, and city centres and shopping centres can make the most of this. Not only does the Route of Lights help to profile a unique and eventful city centre, it also helps to connect business owners in the city.
In this way, business owners become part of the experience and visitors can explore the city in a fun and playful way. Let’s make shopping centres buzz again!

This type of experience for city centres and shopping centres can be achieved in various ways. We can use a variety of interactive systems and technologies for this. It is also possible to roll out this concept in, for example, theme parks, experience centers, museums and zoos.

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Ralf Holzapfel

Sr. Sales Representative Europe
T. +31 77 320 43 81

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