Multi-level Interactive VR Speeder RideKaisa International Resorts - Project Update

Lagotronics Projects has been commissioned to develop, design, and realize a very unique and brand-new attraction concept in close cooperation with the Kaisa creative team. Kaisa Group Holdings LTD is a large Chinese comprehensive investment group.

Kaisa Golden Bay Resort

Kaisa International Resorts Group is one of the professional groups affiliated to Kaisa Group. It integrates the world's cultural and travel wisdom and spends tens of billions to create Kaisa International Resorts. The project is situated at the northwest coastline of Dapeng Peninsula, Southeast Shenzhen, covering a developed area of about 1.5 million square meters. Nearly 20 cultural tourism experiences covering nine major business formats such as theme Parks, luxury resort hotels, leisure parks, commercial street, cultural performances, special international food and beverage, health care and fitness, marine sports, coastal apartments, etc., which is an international beach holiday destination suitable for all ages’ visiting all year round. Kaisa International Resorts will open a new era of China Beach Vacation 3.0 and the world's one-stop beach vacation, becoming a world-class vacation landmark dedicated to Shenzhen to the Greater Bay Area!

Multi-level Interactive VR Speeder Ride

Lagotronics Projects will create a unique interactive experience on three levels. The story is about an important mission that needs to be executed in three phases, and all phases are connected. When guests enter the final part of the attraction they will be surprised by several futuristic themed VR “Speeders” on motion base platforms. Everyone should play a different part in the game to cooperate and complete the mission. Now the mission is completely in their hands…

Kaisa persbericht

Storyline of Mission 1638

Dr. Yan needs the help of the visitors to prevent their Mars mission from failing. Massive solar flares with unusual magnetic forces are causing malfunctioning machines, drones, and unstable weather conditions in such a way that the situation on Mars becomes unstable. The Observation Center, the outpost of the Mars Mission Base M8, is equipped with all utilities to protect M8 for natural hazards, malfunctioning robotic units and foreign forces. They need the help of the visitors to help to protect M8 and to support the brave fellows on the speeders!

The mission starts on the Observation Command Center. In this control center visitors will experience what the current situation on the Mars Mission Base M8 is. Visitors start out on the top-layer manning the touchscreens and they are tasked with emergency tasks like opening water valves to stop fires, activating the shields to stop rock-boulders from hitting the base and much more.

The second layer tasks visitors with shooting at the raging malfunctioning machines in order to protect the Mission Base from complete destruction and to create a safe passage for the speeders that are driving up and down the Mars Star Port with crucial tools.

Next, Mr. Yan is attempting to gain control of the machines-gone-haywire, yet is unable to. Then he calls the Turret-guests to gather in the elevator for Plan B. Dr. Yan explains that due to all long-range communication systems being down, the teams on the speeders are the only connection between the Observation Center and the Mars Mission Base. They need to pick up an important part to regain control over the machines. It is now up to the visitors to get on the speeders for this crucial mission. Visitors proceed to race through Mars deserts, canyons, defy massive storms, and landslides in a frantic attempt to pick up the part and return to the Mission Base in time.

Do they get back to the Mars Mission Base M8 in time or will the mission fail completely?

Schets 1
Schets 2
Schets 3

Work in progress

We are very busy with developing the 3D and VR game. In addition, all parts that need to be manufactured, are currently under review of CSEI (China Special Equipment Inspection). We are currently in the final stage of approval. When the parts are approved, we will finalize everything and immediately start production.

The design phase of the other parts is progressing steadily.

Cave cranesbwv3


Lagotronics Projects is the main contractor and responsible for managing the entire project. From technical design to storyline, media development and production and installation of the interactive systems, motorbikes, motion base platforms, audio, video, lighting and (show) control. The project is not just a cooperation, from the beginning it was the start of a partnership between Lagotronics Projects and Kaisa to present something unique to the entertainment and attractions industry. Also, Lagotronics Projects will be the representative for Kaisa to sell the attraction concept worldwide. Because of the large size of the project other vendors as well as Lagotronics Projects’ international located subsidiaries will be involved.

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