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Lagotronics Projects conducts interactive edutainment projects for the Stichting SOS Dolfijn (The SOS Dolphin Foundation) and Stichting Leeuw (The Lion Foundation)

Lagotronics Projects has been commissioned to implement various interactive and educational experiences for the SOS Dolfijn Foundation and the Leeuw Foundation. “We look forward to contributing to the fantastic initiatives of these two organizations through our audio-visual and interactive solutions,” says Mark Beumers, CEO, Lagotronics Projects.

The SOS Dolfijn Foundation

The SOS Dolfijn Foundation is a nature organization which specializes in providing emergency aid to cetaceans. The organization provides assistance to porpoises, dolphins and whales in need who reach the Dutch coast (alive) or who are in danger of stranding. In addition to advice and emergency aid, the foundation focuses on nature conservation through research, education and social action.

This year, the SOS Dolfijn Foundation is constructing a new educational whale sanctuary at the Landgoed Hoenderdaell estate and Lagotronics Projects will be implementing five projects at the new centre. Through spectacular audio-visual technologies, visitors can experience what it is like to observe whales at sea, but they also learn how they can save an animal that has washed up on a beach. In addition, an interactive floor projection, interactive touchscreen table and cinema will be installed. Using these technologies, the SOS Dolfijn Foundation wants to teach visitors more about the lives of and saving cetaceans in a fun, educational and impressive way.

The Leeuw Foundation

The Leeuw Foundation is a big cat rescue centre and this foundation’s educational rescue centre is located at the Landgoed Hoenderdaell estate. The foundation has the following objectives: to care for big cats in need and to teach visitors how they can help these animals.

Lagotronics Projects will give substance to this educational experience by means of an interactive cinema and a quiz, in which six people play against each other. There will also be an experience which gives visitors an insight, in an impressive and compelling way, into how confined lions feel. This is achieved through modern audio and video technologies.

Landgoed Hoenderdaell estate

Both educational rescue centers are located at the Landgoed Hoenderdaell estate, in the Anna Paulownapolder. As well as the educational rescue centers for the SOS Dolfijn Foundation and the Leeuw Foundation, a splendid zoo is also located here. A great day out for the whole family, where there is also plenty to learn.

More news

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Interactive Zoo Experiences

How can you combine education and entertainment in a zoo? Make a day at the zoo even more educational and unforgettable with the interactive edutainment solutions from Lagotronics Projects.

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