Upgrade Interactive Dark Ride “El Paso”Bobbejaanland, Belgium

In this interactive dark ride you dive into a Wild West world. Keep your interactive guns alert for dangers around every corner. Are you going to be sheriff of the day and take out all of the thieves and criminals?

Scoring System

The El Paso Interactive Dark Ride was in need of an upgrade in order to sustain the fun and excitement of the ride. Therefor a new game element has been introduced in the attraction: a scoring system. The scoring system creates a fun competitive environment between family and friends. It also stimulates visitors to ride El Paso again so they can try to break their personal score or to beat their opponent. The scoring system operates next to the original interactive elements from the ride where animatronics or light effects are triggered when a target is hit.

Interactive Technology

To initiate the scoring system Lagotronics Projects has installed the in-house developed TRIG® interactive technology. The interactive systems of Lagotronics Projects are extremely accurate, low maintenance and very durable. It is capable of tracking each individual players points that are collected during the dark ride. Players can view their scores on a monitor at the exit. The interactive system also takes over the show control tasks and controls all audio, lighting and animatronics effects (SFX) during the ride when a target is hit. This way visitors are interacting with the scenery and at the same time play a challenging game!

With integrating the new system, the 48 existing targets in the ride have been replaced with Lagotronics’ LED targets. With these targets it is possible to set the amount of points to gain per target, change the colour of the LED light before and after a hit, program the time between a hit and when the target will be active again and it is possible for the LED lights to flicker.

The scoring system brings a new level of excitement to El Paso. The interactive system has been upgraded and will be able to last for many years in the future!

Bobbejaanland El Paso 8
Bobbejaanland El Paso 10
Bobbejaanland El Paso 9
Bobbejaanland El Paso 3
Bobbejaanland El Paso 6
Bobbejaanland El Paso 5
Bobbejaanland El Paso 4

Technical upgrade

Lagotronics Projects has dived into the interactive system of the El Paso interactive dark ride and found out that the technology needed to be renewed. There were different systems connected to each other, which caused problems with, among other things, aimed shooting. Time to tackle this dark ride and switch completely to just one technology.

The interactive devices also needed an upgrade. There are now beautiful, new interactive guns delivered that shoot much more accurately, but also fit well in the hand. This allows visitors to hit targets more precisely.

By hitting the targets, animatronics and light effects are activated. Because the sound system in the vehicles has also been upgraded, the experience only gets better. The sound has improved considerably, making hitting the targets even more fun.

Material upgrade

In addition to the technical upgrade of the interactive devices and the sound system, work has also been done on the material. The cables of the guns often got tangled, which caused cable breaks, this causes a lot of maintenance and therefore downtime. That is why they opted for different cabling, but also new brackets to hang the guns in

Eventually Lagotronics Projects delivered 36 new interactive guns, each with one bracket for in the vehicles. Nine vehicle control cabinets and nine audio sets with amplifiers and speakers for in the vehicles

IMG 9953
IMG 9728

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Ralf Holzapfel

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