Fort Hays opens Buffalo Hunt, the Interactive Suspended CoasterRapid City, South Dakota (USA)

Are you ready for a spectacular suspended ride? And can you show that your aim is perfect during the ride? The Buffalo Hunt is the new suspended interactive coaster at Fort Hays, and the ride has it all!

Black Hills

Fort Hays is one of the tourist attractions in the Black Hills, America. Here, tourists can book all sorts of tours to admire the landscape, but they can also go back in time to see how the cowboys really lived. This includes, of course, buffalo hunting. But how can this be relived in a fun and exciting way, without buffalos actually being shot? The Buffalo Hunt attraction at Fort Hays allows visitors to experience a real buffalo hunt in beautiful natural surroundings. However, this isn’t particularly easy during this rollercoaster ride. Who’s up for the challenge?

Buffalo Hunt

As the rollercoaster travels down into the valley, there are surprises around every corner for visitors who ride on the interactive suspended coaster, the Buffalo Hunt. Enjoy the best views across the Black Hills whilst the coaster ascends the mountain. But as soon as the highest point is reached, the rollercoaster gathers pace whilst descending the mountain, tossing visitors around on the track. Who can still hit all the buffalos and collect the most points?

As the suspended coaster races down the mountain, visitors use interactive outdoor guns to take aim at fake buffalos. There is a target on the buffalos and, when a buffalo is hit, the visitor is informed of this by a light effect being briefly shown.

Scoring system and onboard shooting sounds

Lagotronics Projects developed the interactive system completely in-house. The integrated scoring system keeps track of who has hit the most buffalos and who is therefore the best hunter. The scores can be viewed at the end of the ride on a large monitor. This enables competition and encourages repeat visits because visitors want to improve their scores.

To make the ride even more exciting and to enhance the full visitor experience, sound effects have also be added to the vehicles. During the ride, visitors hear their shooting sounds, ensuring they have the best possible hunting experience.

Curious about the possibilities for an interactive rollercoaster, or would you like to upgrade an existing attraction? Contact us and we will happily talk through the various options.

Buffalo Hunt 0011 Layer 1
Buffalo Hunt 0010 Layer 2
Buffalo Hunt 0009 Layer 3
Buffalo Hunt 0008 Layer 7
Buffalo Hunt 0007 Layer 8
Buffalo Hunt 0006 Layer 12
Buffalo Hunt 0005 Layer 13
Buffalo Hunt 0004 Layer 15
Buffalo Hunt 0003 Buffalo foto 11
Buffalo Hunt 0002 Buffalo foto 1300
Buffalo Hunt 0001 Buffalo foto 1400
Buffalo Hunt 0000 Buffalo foto 120

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Ralf Holzapfel

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