Discovery Center Continium and Lagotronics Projects Sign Partnership

Hans Gubbels, director of Discovery Center Continium, and Lagotronics Projects CEO Mark Beumers signed a partnership deal last week, after Lagotronics Projects came out on top in a European tender. Together, we plan to implement a top-of-the-range audiovisual and interactive system for the Continium center and the Columbus auditorium (currently in development).

Wonder and surprise
The audiovisual system will give the future visitor a new perspective on the earth. It will wonder and surprise the guests. For the so-called earth theater and the auditory we're going to realize a high-quality 4K video solution, which has no equal in Europe. At the entrance we build a huge interactive information wall, and for the existing 'Time Warp Theater' we create a completely new audiovisual experience in a circle projection.

Dazzle guests
The audiovisual system is set to dazzle guests with a new and fascinating perspective of the Earth. Both the Earth theater and the Columbus auditorium will feature a high-end 4K video solution, unparalleled in Europe. An interactive information wall spanning almost 5 meters will be installed at the entrance, and the Time Warp Theater will house an audiovisual experience projected in a circle 13 meters in diameter.

The world in a new perspective
"From autumn 2015 our visitors will discover a world of science, technology and design in three unique buildings: Cube, Continium and Columbus. The world shall be placed in a new perspective! We chose Lagotronics Projects as our partner because they came out on top as best partner based on our criteria." says Hans Gubbels.

New perspective
From fall 2015 visitors are welcome to discover a world of science, technology, and design, spread out over three unique buildings: Cube, Continium, and Columbus. Come and see the world from a whole new perspective!

"We chose Lagotronics Projects because, based on our criteria, they were the best fit for a successful partnership", Hans Gubbels said.

Very proud
"We are very proud of this project", says Mark Beumers. "For years we have provided solutions worldwide with our interactive systems, lighting, and audiovisual products. This project combines all those features and it's located right here in our home county of Limburg, making it a very special opportunity for us."

Would you like to learn more about the various possibilities Lagotronics Projects offers? Just contact us, we'll be happy to talk about it!

Learn more about this project here.

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