Opening World of Wonders FEC in Qatar

December 2022

The brand-new World of Wonders family entertainment center (FEC) has opened on Lusail Boulevard in Qatar. The Aura Group - Aura Entertainment Services division - commissioned Lagotronics Projects to deliver the audiovisual installation in its entirety over several floors. In addition, Lagotronics Projects delivered the functional and decorative lighting, interactive attractions, show control and all audio and video content.

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Lusail Boulevard

The WOW FEC is located on Lusail Boulevard, close to the Lusail metro station. This boulevard has a wide variety of attractions, food stalls and retail stores. Lusail Boulevard in Downtown Lusail brings to life the ultra-modern feeling of urban life, effortlessly merging with Qatar’s rich culture.

Themed FEC

The World of Wonders is a family entertainment center with lots on offer for families. The FEC has several themed areas, based on nature and the earth. For example, the first floor is characterized by the Arctic Zone, Jungle and Magma Zone. By means of mood lighting, background music and theming, visitors are fully immersed in the themes. The FEC combines active play, such as large-scale play equipment, slides and an immense climbing wall, with innovative and digital technologies, including arcade games and customized interactive gaming experiences. Typical FEC attractions, such as a Bowling Lane and Laser Tag Area, are also on offer for the older generations. In its entirety, the FEC is an impressive world to discover for young and old alike.

Audiovisual Elements and Lighting

The majority of the work, carried out by Lagotronics Projects, concerns audiovisual elements and decorative lighting. For example, a gigantic curved 45-metre-long LED Wall has been installed at the entrance and dozens of LED screens with video content have been integrated. Speakers have been installed in every zone for background music and sound effects. The heart of the experience, the show control system, was developed in-house. All show equipment was programmed on-site in line with the customer’s wishes. There is, for example, a day and night programme which switches automatically at pre-determined times. Volumes in the zones and other settings can be easily and quickly adjusted with touch panels.

In addition to all hardware, all audio and video content was supplied by Lagotronics Projects. Customized background music has been composed for each area. An example is the tranquility of the ocean in the Aqua Area and lively sounds in the Jungle Area. Thought has even been given to the various back-of-house areas and toilets, to ensure that visitors remain immersed in these unique worlds. Music can easily be streamed in the F&B areas and in the Party Rooms music supplied by visitors can be played during birthday parties.

In terms of the lighting, both functional (F&B areas, shops and back-of-house) and show lighting have been supplied. All zones are ambiently lit by RGB LED spotlights and the scenery is accentuated. The perfect atmosphere has been created in the different zones using various types of spotlight, colors and light intensity. For example, cold and white tones are used in the Arctic Zone, whilst warm and dark tones have been used in the Magma Zone to achieve a volcanic effect

Interactive Attractions

In addition to the audiovisual, lighting, SFX and show control, a number of interactive experiences can also be found in the FEC. In the Arctic Zone, a GameCabIN has been installed, with the Snow Frenzy game. During this interactive game, players find themselves in a snowball fight at a ski resort in the mountains. Points can be earned by firing snowballs using interactive shooters. Each player’s final scores are shown on a small display after the game. In the Aqua Zone, Lagotronics has developed a new interactive experience for Aura. An underwater world in which players have to search for treasure. Scour the seabed and collect as much treasure as possible. However, you also score points by cleaning up rubbish from the ocean. Using a joystick with push buttons, players can move through the underwater world and remove plastic and other waste. This edutainment attraction isn’t only fun to play, but it also passes on an important social message to visitors.


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