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New haunted experience in Toverland

Toverland, one of the Netherlands' most popular theme parks, has opened a new haunted experience for its visitors. This immersive attraction takes guests to the mysterious Mining Museum in Sevenum, where they discover the secrets of the Magnum Opus, a stone that can provide eternal life.


Now You're Mine is a walk-trough, where visitors walk through various scenes related to the mine, the stone and its effects. The walkthrough lasts about 20 minutes and is intended for visitors ages 12 and up. The haunted experiences are only accessible during Toverland's Halloween Nights.

Remote controlled mining helmets

Lagotronics Projects provided remote controlled mining helmets for this attraction, which enable the real-time tracking of visitors. This system allows the scare actors to interact with guests in a more immersive and personal way, creating a different experience each time. The helmets also have LED lights that can perform different effects in the dark mine-system, adding to the thrill and suspense. The system also integrates with the location lighting, sound and SFX, taking this haunted experience to a new level!

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Walkthrough Attractions

Combine shooting games, treasure hunts and escape room features, such as hidden codes, hints and secret doors in a walkthrough attraction.

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