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Lagotronics Projects introduces the GameChanger-XS for FECs and Museums

After the success of the regular size GameChanger dark ride, Lagotronics Projects is now introducing the GameChanger-XS. The GameChanger-XS is the most compact version of the GameChanger yet and especially designed for FECs, Museums and Shopping Malls.

With the installation of the rotating dark ride “GameChanger” in several theme parks and family entertainment centers worldwide, Lagotronics Projects noticed a growing demand at FECs, Museums and Shopping Malls for a smaller sized version. The new GameChanger-XS is especially designed for smaller venues aiming at attractions with a high capacity on a very small footprint. This new XS version ensures a lot of interactive fun to visitors of all ages on less than 36 square meters. Besides this the media content can easily be adapted to the audience (children/teens/adults) or be changed periodically to attract recurring visitors.

GameChanger-XS ride concept
The GameChanger-XS is a media-based interactive dark ride. Visitors will be seated on a rotating platform, which transports the visitors along three interactive media scenes. In total, the GameChanger-XS comprises 4 sections. Every section facilitates 2 players, resulting in a capacity of 225 visitors per hour. Each media scene tells a part of the storyline and allows visitors to experience an interactive game. After every scene the platform moves to the subsequent scene and finally to the load and unload section. After finishing the game, visitors can view their personal scores on the scoring monitor and compare their scores with fellow players. It is also possible to view high scores for the day, month, or year.

More information about this new concept and the unique features? Click here!

GameChanger projects
Lagotronics Projects has already installed several GameChangers worldwide. Most recent and completed GameChanger installations are “Zizo’s Photo Shoot” in family entertainment center TEKZONE in Kuwait (2019) and “Swamp Adventure” in Shimao’s Dream City, a Smurfs theme park in China (2020). Besides these, Lagotronics Projects is working on several other projects regarding the GameChanger in Europe, USA, Asia and Africa.


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