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Lagotronics Projects at ‘Kies Techniek dagen’ 2015

From January 29 to January 31 Lagotronics Projects was present at the 'Kies Techniek dagen' in Venlo. Together with several other companies, we showed children that the engineering sector is instructive and fun!

We showed the kids our GameCabIN: an interactive 3D-Gamesimulator. They played our game SnowFrenzy, where they have to actively participate in a huge snowball fight. "wow", "super cool" and "I want this at home!" were their reactions.

Parents and teachers were also positive about the GameCabIN. Especially the high quality and the 3D-effect make that the snowballs are flying around your ears! Everybody felt it was amazing. Over 3000 visitors were at the 'Kies Techniek dagen' in Venlo. They were all very excited about our GameCabIN!


More news

Lagotronics Projects introduces ’Battle Arena’ a new and unique interactive flat ride

Lagotronics Projects is pleased to introduce Battle Arena, a new interactive ride concept that can be installed indoors or outdoors at theme parks, amusement parks and FECs. During this battle, visitors compete with each other on three levels, while their vehicles move suddenly up and down.

Today’s city: 5 characteristics that are needed to make the city buzz again

Many cities are wondering: how will the city buzz again? What is needed to put the city on the map for businesses, (new) inhabitants or visitors?

We are the winner of two Golden Crown Awards for the Shimao Smurfs GameChanger!

We won two Asia Attractions Golden Crown awards for the Smurfs GameChanger in Dream City, Shanghai!

First of its kind interactive walkthrough in Movie Park Germany

About just six months ago Lagotronics Projects has been commissioned to develop, produce, and install a new and very exciting interactive walkthrough for Movie Park Germany.

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