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Lagotronics Projects launches its 4th generation interactive technology

After years of development Lagotronics Projects introduces their latest innovation in the field of interactive systems for theme parks, FECs, museums and other LBE venues. The new technology is a completely in-house developed positioning system similar to GPS, but specifically designed for indoor and outdoor leisure areas. The system opens up countless opportunities, now and in the future, for new interactive attractions and experiences.

Lagotronics Projects’ interactive systems are very different from other systems available on the market. The technology behind the interactive systems is intricate but its goal is simple; offering operators a system with the highest uptime and almost no maintenance. No cameras, mechanical wearing parts or lasers are used which makes the tech more reliable, more durable and safer. The systems can be used in virtually all attractions and experiences, even outdoors. To ensure an optimal guest experience, the systems are also extremely accurate and data communication is extremely fast.

Interactive rides and attractions
The first systems were developed to interact with scenery and trigger sound, lighting, animatronics or SFX. Due to continuous development the systems became better and better and the devices became smaller and less heavy. Nowadays these systems are still very popular and widely used in dark rides, flat rides and kiddy rides.

Media-based attractions
With the growing demand for media-based attractions Lagotronics Projects started developing a new interactive system which makes it possible to interact with media on monitors or video projections. This system can even be used to create a combi dark ride or attraction with both interaction with media as well as scenery. One of the unique features is that guests actually see projectiles flying into the game or media.

Interactive Positioning Technology
Just now, Lagotronics Projects has announced their latest development: A new interactive positioning technology. It’s the 4th generation of interactive technologies developed by Lagotronics Projects. This new interactive technology has huge potential explains CEO of Lagotronics Projects, Mark Beumers: “Knowing the exact position of the interactive device and -at the same time- the pointing direction and entering this into a digital 3D environment makes this the ultimate interactive system. Now we know, at all times, where guests are located in a certain area and where their devices are aimed at. Imagine the endless opportunities this creates for interaction between guests and literally anything. Every object or component in the attraction, area or room can be made interactive or functioning as target. Targets can even be variable and easily change locations over time creating multiple experiences in one. We can even interactively work with moving live actors! Besides, the technology makes it possible to interact with all kinds of displays; scenery, monitors, video projections and even all kinds of head-mounted displays (HMD).”.
The new technology will be used in various upcoming projects.

About Lagotronics Projects
Lagotronics Projects started out in 1979 in the audio and lighting business. A few years later the company started working for big international TV shows. This resulted in the development of gaming systems which turned out to be very suitable for attractions as well. Since 1999 Lagotronics Projects has gained notoriety through their involvement in custom projects for amusement parks and attractions. The organization shifts its focus towards the amusement industry by developing interactive systems, show control and turnkey interactive attractions and experiences for theme parks, FECs and Museums.

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For more information about the new interactive technology please contact Mark Beumers:

Mark Beumers

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