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Lagotronics Projects introduces new product ExplorAR at Keverberg Castle in Kessel

Next month the first ExplorAR experience in the Netherlands will be completed at Keverberg Castle. In the ExplorAR experience, visitors are given tablets and literally explore the castle using an AR application. Through this Augmented Reality quest, visitors learn more about Baron Frits and the history of the beautiful castle.


Using the latest product from Lagotronics Projects: ExplorAR, visitors find themselves in another world. By combining the real world with augmented reality (mixed reality), visitors experience the real environment whilst interacting with the media content at the same time. Visitors can then, for example, go back in time and experience a historical location, event or specific theme, without adapting reality, the current environment or theming.

How does it work?

After receiving tablets, visitors head off on foot on a digital quest. During this quest they have to find certain locations with QR codes. Scanning the QR code unravels an augmented reality world in which visitors play a mini game. For example, they have to solve a riddle/puzzle, find instructions or search for special objects. The interactive elements make this a fun and interesting quest for the whole family.

Lagotronics Projects Explor AR
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Keverberg Castle

Baron Frits was the last baron to live in the castle. In 2015, his skeleton was found in the castle’s gardens. Now, Baron Frits is brought back to life through the latest Augmented Reality technologies.

In various impressive rooms, visitors search for objects that provide more information about the story of Baron Frits. Baron Frits tells the story of his own life and also the history of the ancient castle; in each room a different part of the past is reawakened.

In this same way, visitors walk through the entire castle and learn lots about the castle’s history. A fun, unique and educational outing for the whole family, or perfect for a school trip.

Innovation Project Collective

This great, innovative project was made possible partly through a subsidy from the LIOF - the regional development agency for the Province of Limburg. With support from subsidy consultancy TRIAS, Keverberg Castle and Lagotronics Projects received a subsidy under the LimburgToerisme (Limburg Tourism) programme, resulting in this fantastic partnership, and the development of the Augmented Reality experience for Keverberg Castle.


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