Kuniberts Abenteuer Picture V3
Kunniberts Ghost 2

Interactive spooky Dark Ride for Wild- & Freizeitpark Klotten

Wild- & Freizeitpark Klotten is a leisure and wildlife park in Cochem (Germany). For many years, the owners work on an ongoing development of their park, by building new attractions and offering new experiences for their visitors.

Kunibert's Abenteuer
Their latest plan for a new ride called ‘Kunibert's Abenteuer’ will be an interactive Dark Ride, completely designed in a spooky castle theme. The story is based on the knight Kunibert, a German legend, who was sent out by his old mother (Frau Schute) to prove that he’s a really brave knight, just like his ancestors. He may only return when has completed his mission full of dangerous assignments. Meanwhile in the castle, all his 64 ghost ancestors, relatives and friends have come together to organize a big ball to honor his return.

Light up the castle with interactive match sticks
During the ride, guests will discover the ghost life in the castle by lighting candles with a special interactive match stick, in seven different scenes. The people in the vehicles need to cooperate like a team and light up all the candles. If they manage to light them all up, they’ll be treated on stunning scenes with blacklight, funny ghosts and beautiful decoration. But beware: each candle only gives light for a few seconds… The end scene is overwhelming: all ghosts are celebrating and dancing at the big ball for Kunibert!

Complete Dark Ride designed by Lagotronics Projects
Lagotronics Projects provides the total ride package; from design, theming and storytelling to decoration and installation. This new interactive Dark Ride will open in April 2020. Once again an exciting but funny Dark Ride experience for all ages!

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