40 Years

In 2019 Lagotronics Projects celebrated its 40th anniversary! Since 1979 the Lago-crew has been creating unforgettable memories all over the world. With lots of fun and challenging projects!

It all started with the show-factor...

40 years ago, our founder Carlo Görtjes started with his greatest hobby, full of enthusiasm: he became a DJ! Soon, he expanded his passion for entertaining people with audio and lighting shows. Most clients back then were bars and clubs. After 6 years, major Dutch tv shows also became interested in this so-called ‘show-factor’ we could provide for them. This new world of TV shows triggered us to develop interactive voting systems, which allowed the audience to become part of the show. In this TV industry, we soon became a worldwide supplier for lighting shows as well as our in-house developed Game Technology. A truly innovative breakthrough in the TV industry was made, and we captured the attention of big global players. All of a sudden, extraordinary custom-made projects all over the world followed, all including this entertaining ‘show-factor’.

Next step: Lago|LED & huge worldwide show-projects

In 1990 we added another significant piece of innovation to our lighting portfolio; Lago|LED. We started out with developing Chip On Board LEDS, dimming LED lights, LED-strips and LED spots. These products became very successful in TV shows, concerts and (dance) festivals. Some examples over the years are big TV shows like Idols, well-known musical productions like The Beauty and the Beast and The Three Musketeers, concerts of Christina Aguilera and Bon Jovi and huge dance events of DJ Tiësto and Tomorrowland. Nowadays, LED is a very common product, but back in the early nineties this was a ground-breaking innovation. More LED products followed and became big hits. Lagotronics LED lighting became very popular in both decorating and architectural projects.

LagoTRIG & interactive experiences

1999 was the year we had our break-through in the theme park industry. Our ingenious products and technologies proved to be a perfect fit for theme park attractions. It started off with implementing audio-visual, lighting and show control into various attractions. As a response to the need of theme park attractions wanting to create new experiences for their visitors, we introduced LagoTRIG in 2005. LagoTRIG is a unique interactive system for all kinds of theme park attractions. This technology makes it possible for visitors to interact with the scenery in an attraction or ride. Making decorations move, make noise or other special effects, or shooting at targets and collect the highest score, LagoTRIG makes it all possible. This interactive system has evolved to such an extent that it cannot only be used in theme parks but also museums or other leisure businesses that want to magnify the overall experience for their visitors. Our team continues optimizing our interactive technology and keeps on creating new possibilities with this system.

Increasing custom-made projects led to strategic decision

Over the years we have gained such an elaborate knowledge, expertise and experience within the field of interactive systems that the demand for these interactive adventures kept on growing. Combining all our technologies enabled us to provide unique custom-made experiences. This was one of the main reasons for splitting up our company in 2011, into two enterprises; Lagotronics BV (supplier and importer of LED lighting), and Lagotronics Projects BV (project-based partner of interactive systems, lighting and audio-visual installations).

Voorgevel Lagotronics Projects

Game development created new level of interactive dark rides

Since 2012, we have our very own Game department. With our in-house game designers we are able to meet the growing demand for interactive video content in Dark Rides. This answers to the trend of gamification and storytelling, especially in the theme park business. In the meantime we’ve delivered many media based Dark Rides all over the world! Some examples of our funny and successful games are Snow Frenzy, Moon Bunny Rescue and Beach Fun.

In 2013 we introduced the GameCabIN. The GameCabIN is a standalone, unique video gaming concept that will fit any type of leisure business. A modular design, small footprint and high quality games make this product a surprising experience for visitors.

Game Development V7
Game Development V8
Game Development V6
Game Development V5
Game Development V1
Game Development V2

Changing the game… with our GameChanger

2015 was a game changing year for Lagotronics Projects. We added another big innovative ride to our portfolio: the revolutionary GameChanger! This ride is a complete new concept and very different from any other Dark Ride out there. When theme- or amusement parks haven’t got much space available for a new attraction, the GameChanger is a perfect solution, still offering a large capacity. This ride is an interactive Dark Ride, based on a platform that rotates from one game scene to the other. Every scene presents an awesome and fun game which visitors can play and collect points. The GameChanger is a big hit all over the world, and is in particular interesting for theme parks and family entertainment centres.

The Farm Fair IP: a bunch of crazy animals

In 2017 we created our latest novelty to the Lagotronics Projects portfolio; our very first in-house developed IP: Farm Fair! A funny themed storyline which can be integrated in a Dark Ride or GameChanger. The three main characters Horse, Cat and Rooster get the crazy idea to organize a big fair with all farm animals. They invite the ride visitors to come along and enjoy the Farm Fair. With this storyline, combined with a ride or attraction, we are able to offer customers the total package.

Farm Fair Ip By Lagotronics Projects

An exciting future awaits us

During the past 40 years we have delivered many custom-made attractions and have been part of lots of fun experiences all over the world. All these projects have one thing in common: they all have ‘the show-factor’. At the moment we are working on lots of new and interesting projects, and have much more coming! Since the successes of the GameChanger and our Farm Fair IP, we’re already working on some great new ride concepts and IP’s. We will keep you posted! We are very excited what the future will bring us, and are looking forward to many more adventures and challenging projects.

Do you want to learn more about our company? Or talk about new projects? Just get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to discuss your ideas!

Mark Beumers

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